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What Transcreation Is and Why It’s No Gimmick

Why can’t people agree on what transcreation is? Is it just a gimmick to sell marketing translation? Where does transcreation diverge from bilingual copywriting? Find the answers and more in this article.

CIOL DipTrans Exam 2021 and Beyond

The CIOL DipTrans exam has undergone several changes since 2021. This is a summary for translators interested in the CIOL DipTrans exam.

5 Reasons Why I Failed the CIOL Diploma in Translation (DipTrans exam)

Pass rates for the CIOL Diploma in Translation (DipTrans) exam in Spanish to English hover around 25%. Find out why I failed, to help you pass …

Free Translation of General DipTrans Past Paper (Spanish-to-English Translators)

Looking for a general DipTrans past paper? Get a mock general DipTrans past paper translation for Spanish-to-English translators.