Business Document Translation Services Explained

Last updated Apr 26, 2022
By Gwenydd Jones

Business document translation services are vast and varied. The price will depend on the project. This article discusses the different business documents you may need translated. And gives you an idea of where to spend, and where to save.

SEO translation for your website

Let’s kick off this article with a virtual business document. Or should I say, the virtual business document. Professional SEO translators, like us, can handle the format and help you ensure make a profit on our website translation service. Don’t use an amateur translator or Google Translate when it comes to your marketing. This is the face you’re going to show the entire world.

With a punchy headline, professional style and SEO targeting, your SEO translation will help your website draw in qualified leads. It may take as little as one conversion for you to pay for the cost of the translation work.

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Lucy and I are SEO copywriters, bloggers, and experienced translators. Come to us if you’re serious about generating leads through your website. How many good leads do you need before you cover the translation and copywriting costs? Sometimes just one will do it.

SEO blog translation

Translating your blog means a longer-term investment. But, if you want to be a competitor in the SEO battle you have to be consistent with publishing. It’s essential to have a clear strategy before you launch into the translation. We understand what you’re going through as we’ve been there ourselves. And, good news. If you give us high volume and regular custom, we’ll negotiate with you on price. Top experts, content that converts and a good price. What are you waiting for? Contact us.

As SEO translators and copywriters, we offer a variety of services. And we know how to follow instructions. We can translate with an SEO focus. That means incorporating keywords and search-engine friendly writing techniques. The payoff from a good SEO translation strategy can be massive. It’s important to weigh up how a few targeted leads can help you cover the costs of launching something like this. Particularly if your competitors aren’t doing it very well.There is nothing like a bit of foreignness to generate doubt. Getting a native translation helps make sure you come across as trustworthy.

Business email translation service

There’s a difference between incoming and outgoing emails. If all you need is to understand what someone has written to you, we can do that through a phone translation. When you compose your answer, we can then produce a written translation. There is nothing like a bit of foreignness to generate doubt. Getting a native translation helps make sure you come across as trustworthy. Why not read “11 Quick Questions to Get the Right Business Translations Services” for an overview?

Translating your business newsletter or magazine

Marketing again. So, a native professional translation is very important. With proofreading included, if you can budget for it. Word is normally the cheapest format. But, if you need us to work with specialist files, like InDesign, we can do that for you.

To translate legal documents properly, you need a translator with legal training. Consider how difficult your average person finds it to understand a contract. The translator has to understand the legal document in the original language. They then have to know how to express legal terms in the new language. Legal translations are a type of technical translation. They take longer and need specialist knowledge, so they cost a little more.

It’s important to think about confidentiality. At The Translator’s Studio, we treat all our customers’ texts as confidential. But, we’re also happy to sign confidentiality agreements with you.

Sworn translation service for business documents

It’s always annoying when a customer or authority requires a sworn translation. Remember that the phrase means different things to different people. So, keep the cost as low as possible by asking them to define exactly what they mean by a sworn translation.

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For instance, I’m a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists. This means I can swear to the authenticity of the document. That’s often all that’s required in the UK. But, it may sometimes be necessary to use a public notary. The cost and hassle in those two scenarios is very different.

If you’re dealing with Spain, then we have to organise what they call a traducción jurada. Different countries have different systems. We can help you navigate the issue.

Business document translation services for financial documents

Though related to legal, financial documents are a different area of specialisation. Consider whether the translations are for internal or external use. If you’re going to use them outside your company, then style is more important. In that case, it may be a good idea to have a second translator check and proofread.

There’s more than one way of translating. To reduce the price of internal documents we can offer phone translations. We can translate certain parts of documents, or do summary translations. We can do all this without editing for style, which reduces the time needed. That brings the cost down for you. More information in our “Translation Quote Guide for Customers”.Professional SEO translators, like us, pay for themselves in spades.

Translating your business plan

To help you decide how much to invest in translating your business plan, consider who is going to read it. If it has to impress an investor, you need a professional native translation. It may also be a good idea to get proofreading by a second translator. Remember that mistakes and foreignness generate distrust. A business plan translated by an amateur or non-native won’t convince an investor.

Business document translation services for presentations

Most of the presentations that I have translated have been PowerPoints. They tend to be training materials or sales presentations. If it’s internal training, get a professional translation to avoid mistakes. Otherwise, you’ll end up teaching people the wrong thing.

Sales presentation translations should be excellent. They have to help the presenter convince the buyers. Assess whether to include proofreading based on the importance of the presentation. When non-native speakers are nervous about having to present, we can provide support. In the past, we have recorded things they plan to say, so they can copy the pronunciation. We can also listen to the presentation and assist the speaker with their delivery.

I had one Spanish client who was giving an important speech in English. He was very nervous about his pronunciation. I translated his speech using shorter words and sentences, while maintaining his message. This made it much easier for him. Share information like this with us. We may be able to help in ways you haven’t thought of. Read more about “How to Give Translation Instructions for Results That Sell”.

Translating product descriptions and instructions

There are different solutions to translating these types of business document. The best option depends on the volume, and where you want to use the translations. Large companies, like Amazon, use machine translation with human post editing. This doesn’t lead to best marketing materials ever, at least not at a lower price. But it’s an economic way of communicating a large amount of information.

If you’re selling a limited number of products, the lay-out will be smaller. So, it’s worth treating it like any other marketing translation. That means, have translator-cum-copywriters, like us, do it. We understand about SEO and attracting reader attention. That’s an essential factor when you’re selling. We’re happy to work with you and adapt. We’ll offer input if you want to hear it.As you can see, there are lots of business document translation services available to you. We’re ready to adapt to what you need. Get in touch to talk about your project.

Written by Gwenydd Jones

Gwenydd Jones is a Spanish- and French-to-English translator, an SEO blogger and a course creator. She is the founder of The Translator's Studio and the lead teacher on its courses. Connect with Gwenydd on LinkedIn or contact her through this website.

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