Why a Meerkat?

The Translator’s Studio logo is called La Suricata, which is Spanish for meerkat, a female one to be precise. When we worked with the designers who created her, she was presented as one option among various. Our first reaction was to immediately discard her. How silly! We should have a much more sensible logo than this big-eyed cartoon character.

But as we looked carefully at the more sensible options, we somehow found our way back to her.

The meerkat is a wild animal that learns through its everyday life. Meerkats are social species that teach their cubs how to hunt, eat and protect themselves. They live in a community, which means they benefit from the care and safety of their environment. At The Translator’s Studio, the meerkat represents the transfer of experience, the set of special skills that our students inherit and species-to-species teaching designed to help our students achieve self-sufficiency.

Students who choose to study with us learn the art of professional translation from skilled practitioners. They eventually become skilled practitioners in turn. Our community is designed to support our students until they become self-sufficient. Our goal is to help ensure we all thrive.

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