Terms and Conditions

  1. Subject-matter

These Terms and Conditions are applicable to all services that we, The Translator’s Studio, perform for you or your company. If you accept a quotation from us, it will mean you accept these Terms and Conditions in full.

  1. Term

These Terms and Conditions will remain in force throughout the commercial relationship. We reserve the right to amend them without prior notice.

  1. Quotation and price

In order to produce a quotation, we will typically ask you to send us the document in question. We will treat this document as confidential. The basis used to calculate the price will be explained in the quotation, which we will send you by email. Any oral quotations or those based on information provided by the customer where we have been unable to see the text in question will be merely informative and not binding. Prices are given in euros and exclude VAT, unless otherwise stated in writing, and the amount and payment method will be set out in the quotation.

  1. Purchase Order

We will consider the order for the service to be firm when you send us written acceptance of our quotation. We will email you to confirm that the work is going ahead, including confirmation of the delivery date. If you do not receive confirmation from us, please email or phone.

  1. Text format

Please send us your texts by email. The standard working format is Microsoft Word, other formats by request. We will take care with the presentation of translations, but you will be responsible for layout, unless otherwise agreed.

  1. Questions, difficulties and support

If any difficulties or questions of any type arise in relation to understanding the text, you will be responsible for providing the relevant assistance, to enable us to perform the translation. If you have any reference texts, images or specific instructions, please provide them before the project starts.

  1. Changes

Please wait until your text is final and complete before sending it for translation. If, for any reason, the originally agreed working conditions change (e.g. last minute changes that force us to edit work we’ve already finished, text in images not included in the original word count, delivery date changes, etc.) then please send your request by email. Any additional time required will be charged per hour and the delivery deadline altered accordingly. We will notify you of any changes to price and/or deadline and ask you to accept the new conditions before performing the additional work.

  1. Delivery

The delivery deadline given in the quotation will be for information purposes only and will be confirmed on receipt of a firm order. Time references correspond to Spanish peninsular time (CET).

If difficulties should arise with the text (comprehension, questions, etc.) or you have to make any last-minute changes, additions, etc., it may be necessary to delay delivery for the time needed to resolve these issues. If a delay occurs, we will attempt to deliver the work as quickly as possible.

We would appreciate it if you would confirm receipt of the translation. In the event you fail to confirm receipt, this will not be proof of not having received it.

  1. Payment

Payment is in advance, by bank transfer, unless otherwise agreed. We will issue an invoice in your name or the name of your business and send it to you after delivering the work or on receipt of payment, as applicable. The intellectual property of our translations belongs to us until you make payment, which means you cannot legally use a text written or translated by us until you have paid us.

Any payment delays will accrue interest for late payment, calculated pursuant to the legal rate of interest for late payment in force, applicable to all amounts pending payment by the customer after the legal term to make the said payment has expired. We reserve the right to interrupt any work in course in the event of late payment.

  1. Cancellations

If you should decide to cancel the services you have ordered in full or in part, any part of the work performed up to the time of cancellation will be chargeable. If the work is finished, 100% of the price will be chargeable.

  1. Complaints

We want you to be pleased with the work we provide and will therefore do what we can to resolve any queries or complaints you may have.

After delivery of the translation, you will have seven working days to raise questions or submit complaints in relation to the service received. If the complaints are justified, the document will be checked and amended at no charge to you. After seven working days, unless you have notified us that you are not in accordance with the work or service, it will be deemed that you tacitly accept it.

We will be exempt from liability if:

– the text you submit is badly written, incorrect, has illegible sections and/or contains ambiguities and/or mistakes;

– the reference sources and/or instructions you submit are incoherent or incorrect;

– you refuse to provide an adequate response to any questions or requests for more information submitted;

– the complaint is motivated by nuances in style.

Although we make every effort to ensure we deliver high-quality work, and have an established quality process for this purpose, the nature of human error means it is possible that the text may contain occasional mistakes or shortcomings. If you wish to publish the translated text, you are advised to consult us, to receive a quotation for editing and/or proofreading of the translation. This will significantly reduce the probability of error. We will accept no liability if you or any third party should change the text we send, without consulting us first, or if you choose not to incorporate any corrections or alterations we may suggest. Our liability is limited to the amount of the corresponding invoice.

  1. Use and copyright

You declare that you have the usage rights and copyright required to translate the texts you order, and you will be solely liable to third parties if it transpires that this is not the case.

Until payment, all intellectual rights over the translation and any other work we may create or perform belong to us. After you have paid the full price for the work or service, you will have the rights to use and copy the same. We will maintain usage rights and copyright over any glossaries, translation memories and any other relevant media, where applicable.

All blogs, educational and promotional materials we have written are copyright, with all rights reserved.

  1. Non-disclosure

We will maintain absolute confidentiality as regards any documents you send us and any information we may have access to during our professional relationship. We will not disclose your information to third parties, neither during the commercial relationship or subsequently. We sometimes work with collaborators and we require them to accept a non-disclosure agreement. Any data transferred by Internet is subject to the security levels determined by the state of the art and we will not be held liable for the security of data transferred by this means.

  1. Data protection

In order for us to issue you with a legal invoice we will ask you to tell us your name and/or company name, email, invoicing address and tax identity number. We will use this data for the purpose of creating your invoice and in the course of our business relationship. We will not pass your personal data to third parties, except in the cases of debt recovery or if we are required to do so by law.

  1. Precedence

These Terms and Conditions will be applicable as long as the Specific Conditions of each quotation do not conflict with them. If there should be any discrepancies between them, the Specific Conditions prevail.

  1. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Relations between us and the customer will be governed by the provisions of the Spanish legislation in force. In the event of any disputes regarding our work or these Terms and Conditions, the parties will be subject to the Spanish courts, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction.

You declare that you are in accordance with the entire contents of these General Conditions, which form an integral part of the contract between you, the customer, and us, The Translator’s Studio.

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