About Us

At The Translator’s Studio, we help aspiring and working Spanish-to-English translators across the world to learn and consolidate the art of professional translation. We do this by providing in-depth training and practice combined with one-to-one written and oral feedback. It’s the unique personal relationships we form with the translators that train with us that ensures they learn so much so quickly.

Gwenydd Jones

Lead tutor and course creator

MA, DipTrans, Chartered linguist

Gwen knows how to help you develop quickly to become a confident professional translator. Want to know her secret? The right blend of interest in her craft and innate helpfulness. Added to that is the DipTrans, two master’s of arts degrees, in translation studies and legal translation, a BA in Spanish and 11 years working as a freelance translator. All of this will go into supporting and advising you, to help you achieve your professional goals.

Image of Gwenydd Jones
Image of Lucy Williams

Lucy Williams

Course tutor, arts and humanities


Lucy is a time-served expert in Spanish-to-English translation. Over the years, she has developed her own secret to producing high-quality translations: a blend of specialisation in the arts and humanities, a pass and two merits in the DipTrans and extensive experience translating in the world of fashion. If you’re lucky enough to have Lucy tutor you on a module or two then she’ll be more than happy to teach you everything she knows.

Miguel Martín

Webmaster and project manager

Miguel is our techy and the one behind much of what you see here. You’ll find him to be both knowledgeable and friendly. That’s why he’s also our project manager and the one running our inbox. Miguel will likely be your first point of contact with The Translator’s Studio. He loves languages and speaks great English. But feel free to write to him in Spanish if you want to practise. When he manages to escape from behind the computer, you’ll find him on the mountain.