Editorial Guidelines

The Translator’s Studio provides courses, educational content and product reviews related to translation, language learning, freelancing and running small businesses to help our readers achieve their learning goals and progress in their careers.

Editorial Standards on Our Blog

Our blog provides detailed information and guidance for our readers. As leaders in our field, we maintain high editorial standards to ensure the quality and integrity of our content.

It’s crucial for us that our contribution to the enormous amount of content available on the world wide web represents a useful and ethical addition.

Why We Provide Educational Content for Free

The Translator’s Studio blog originated as Gwenydd Jones’s personal blog as a freelance translator. She wanted to contribute to the translation community by offering tips for other freelance translators based on her learning as she completed her master’s degrees and progressed in her career.

Today, as course providers, we’ve built on that contribution and now offer extensive free educational content for translators, writers, editors, proofreaders, language learners, freelancers and small businesses.

Why We Do Product Reviews

Within the spirit of providing useful content, we also strive to provide useful and unbiased product reviews. This helps our readers make good buying decisions and enables us to drive an income stream through affiliate revenue to help us to keep offering free content.

Product Review Standards

We apply ethical standards in all our product reviews to try to ensure our readers can make informed decisions about their purchases.

Product Review Research

We’re users of most of the products we review. Where this isn’t the case, we test them, get recommendations from colleagues or conduct thorough research by comparing authoritative online sources and customer reviews.

Unbiased Reviews

We don’t accept paid reviews or product placements and so readers can be sure that all our reviews are unbiased.

How You Can Support Us

If you decide to buy one of the products we review, please go to the seller’s website by clicking on our affiliate links. This will cost you nothing but it will allow us to earn a small commission on your purchase to help us to keep on creating helpful content. 

Guest posting

The Translator’s Studio offers guest posting opportunities to our students and to colleagues who are established in the world of translation or a related sector. We don’t offer paid guest posting. If you’d like to write a guest post for our site, please get in touch with your idea.

We Want to Hear Your Feedback

If you have any questions or comments related to our articles, please contact us. Many thanks for your interest in The Translator’s Studio.