Punctuation & Style Articles

When to Use an En Dash (Quick Quiz)

Wondering about when to use an en dash? Want to know how to type an en dash? Get the answer fast here!

When to Use Hyphens with Compounds before and after the Noun (Quick Quiz)

The rules on when to use hyphens with compounds that describe nouns are complex. Sometimes you think you’ve got your head around it, but there are so many details involved. If you’ve ever studied this tricky area of punctuation, you’ll also know that there are plenty...

Style Boost: Acronym, Initialism or Abbreviation?

What’s the difference between an acronym, an initialism and an abbreviation? Test yourself with this quick quiz.

How Do You Format Titles of Works?

If you need to format titles of works, there are simple rules to follow. Do you need italics, inverted commas or underline for a book title? Find out in our quiz (with answers and explanations). Italics, inverted commas or underline for titles of works? In the quick...