Gwenydd Jones

Gwenydd Jones

Translator and Copywriter. Marketing and Legal.

Looking for a professional Spanish-English translator?

The Translator’s Studio is home to professional Spanish-English translators and transcreators.
Lucy Williams

Lucy Williams

Translator and Copywriter. Tourism and Fashion.

Translation posts

Woman on stool with phone and tablet awaiting translation instructions

How to give translation instructions for results that sell

person inspecting a text with a magnifying glass to assure a quality translation

12 myths busted to help you buy a quality translation

Man at laptop wondering how to get a translation

How to get a translation – complete customer guide


Transcreation posts

Dog in disguise as metaphoric bad transcreation example

Transcreation examples: the good, the bad and the ugly

Transcreator’s hand with the different tools she might use to perform transcreation

What is transcreation? (And why your company needs it)


Training posts

Woman looking for practice texts for the Institute of Linguists Diploma in Translation

5 websites for free practice texts for the Institute of Linguists Diploma in Translation

Trees in a forest as a metaphor for looking for proofreading mistakes on my Diploma in Translation online course

10 proofreading mistakes by trainees on my DipTrans online course

Translator looking for diptrans past papers online with dog

How to get DipTrans past papers for the Diploma in Translation exam


Pro translator posts

Goats locking horns to represent disagreement over what transcreation is

Translators lock horns on what transcreation is

Models on a catwalk to illustrate fashion translation

Is fashion translation a good fit for you?

lots of PDF files to translate

Translator survival guide to profitable PDF pricing


What we can do for you . . .

Professional Spanish-English Translation

Professional Spanish-English translation and transcreation for your marketing, business, legal, fashion, art and tourism texts. A range of options, including professional proofreading and other languages. Our made-to-measure service will give you the translation that does what you need it to.

Professional Spanish-English Transcreation

Need a hand to make your Spanish texts irresistible in English? Following briefing, expert transcreators Gwen and Lucy will work together on your project. You get two perspectives, two editing stages and double the quality assurance. A transcreation package that is tailored to your brand and target market. We make sure you get results.

English SEO Copywriting

Get the texts you need to grow your business, SEO guidance, and advice on your current copy. With our background in translation we can work with Spanish- and English-speaking customers. The two of us collaborate on each project, giving you double quality assurance. That is how we provide you with compelling marketing materials to help you sell.

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