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Looking for a professional Spanish-to-English translator?

The Translator’s Studio is home to professional Spanish-to-English translators and the Advanced Spanish-to-English translation course.

Gwenydd Jones. Professional Spanish-to-English translator and transcreator. Pleased to meet you

Sleeping disease started my incredible journey to becoming a freelance translator

It was when I got told off for falling asleep in Chemistry class that I realised something was wrong. And it wasn’t just the glandular fever. I was on the wrong course. I changed to French, and that triggered the chain of events that brought me here. Job: freelance Spanish-to-English translator. Place: the beach. Status: wide awake and looking forward to my day.

People have always told me I can’t do it. At 19, most universities said I couldn’t get proficient at Spanish from scratch. When I taught English in Seville, everyone told me I couldn’t make it as a self-employed freelancer.

Of course it’s been tough. From failing the DipTrans exam, to having to move back in with my parents, to be able to afford to complete my first MA. The freelance rollercoaster, wasted marketing efforts, stressful deadlines, constant financial strain.

But, then things started to change. I passed the DipTrans. I completed my second MA, without losing my flat. Translation agencies and customers started noticing me. Next came blogging, webinar opportunities and conference speaking. I wrote my Spanish-to-English translation course. I finally had the freedom to choose when and where I work.

Nowadays, I combine translating with working with trainees on my course. But, my journey isn’t over. I’m currently discovering copywriting, SEO and machine translation. And loving every minute of it.

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Gwenydd Jones speaking at the ProZ conference, Stockholm, 2016.

What I can do for you

Professional translator training

  • Advanced Spanish-to-English
  • DipTrans preparation
  • Webinars and courses
  • Specialisation
  • Professional and business skills

Translation & Transcreation

  • Marketing, business and legal
  • Localization
  • Transcreation
  • Machine translation post-editing
  • Other languages by request
copy editing and proofreading vector

Copy editing & proofreading

  • English texts by non-natives
  • Translation correction
  • Style, grammar & punctuation
  • Support for writers & academics
  • Help for native Spanish speakers

0044 7974 223 419

I'm an Internet-based freelancer serving customers worldwide.

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I make sure you look good in every language.

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