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Online translation courses for budding and experienced Spanish- and French-to-English translators. Translation skills, translation theory and DipTrans exam preparation courses to obtain translator certification.


I really improved over the course and am a very different translator now. It made me think about my use of English and how to communicate meaning. I appreciated the personalised feedback. There isn’t a substitute for someone taking time to unpick your work and getting you to interrogate your reasoning.

Rose Jones, LinkedIn.

I had limited experience of translation prior to completing the courses. I’m now able to translate with confidence, using a range of skills and resources. I know how to unpick difficult sections of text, to write the best translation possible. The feedback, online resources and tutorials are extremely thorough.

Victoria Lewin, LinkedIn.

The course gave me a solid foundation and methodology to follow in the translation industry. I was impressed that the feedback focused not only on areas for improvement, but also on my strengths. The course gives you a clearer picture of where you’re at, and a path to improvement.

Greg Ahlswede, LinkedIn.

Why do your translator training with us?

Tutor Expertise and Investment

We write and tutor our own courses. This means we really care about making sure they help you achieve your goals. We specialise in Spanish-to-English and French-to-English translation.

We Make It All About You

The feedback is detailed and the tutorials are personal consultations. We’ll adapt the texts you translate to suit you.

Networking Opportunities

You’ll get to know other translators in the private Facebook group. What’s more, there are opportunities to team up for extra practice.

Third-party certified by CPD UK

We’re members of the CPD Certification Service (membership no. 15208) and both our Conversion and Advanced translation courses are certified by that organisation. You’ll find the CPD logo on your completion certificate alongside The Translator’s Studio stamp of quality.

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