We help Spanish<>English translators build their translation skills and confidence.

Need help to achieve your professional goals?

Dreaming of working from home?


Want to pass the CIOL DipTrans exam?


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Why Learn with Us?


Tutor Expertise and Investment

We write and tutor our own courses, which means we really care about making sure that they help you achieve your goals.


We Make It All About You

The feedback is detailed, the tutorials are personal consultations and we’ll adapt the texts you translate to suit you.


Networking Opportunities

You’ll get to know other Spanish<>English translators in the private Facebook group, with opportunities to team up for extra practice.


Spanish-to-English Translation Specialists

We bring a long list of qualifications and many years of professional translation experience to our work with you.

“I would definitely recommend this course, Gwen is a fantastic tutor and is able to draw out the best from you as a translator and pinpoint specific areas where you can improve.”

Stephanie Blake, Freelance Spanish-to-English translator and proofreaderLinkedIn.

"Gwen’s feedback was always constructive and extremely thorough. The tutorial in particular really made a difference to my confidence before the exam and gave me the chance to go over my last-minute doubts."

Amy McGregor, Content Manager, LinkedIn.

"The course was incredibly useful in my preparation for the DipTrans exam. The feedback was extensive and the fact that Gwen recognised when I repeated mistakes shows how invested she is in assisting translators in training. The further guidance was a great bonus."

Piers Goodwin, Spanish-to-English translator, LinkedIn.


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