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Our translation courses will help you build the skills and confidence you need to get certified through the CertTrans, DipTrans and ATA exams. We’ll help you be a more successful translator!

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Want to learn to translate and get translator certification?

The Translator’s Studio will help you learn to translate and perfect your translation skills

We’re experts in translator certification. Our online courses will help you reach the level to get officially certified through the CIOL CertTrans and DipTrans exams in the UK, or the ATA translator certification exam in the USA.


  • Learn fast with our hallmark extremely detailed feedback.
  • Build your confidence under the tuition of our committed teaching team.
  • Find support from other translators in our wide network.

Translation Course Brochure

Learn translation with our online translation courses: translation skills, translation theory, punctuation course and CertTrans and DipTrans exam preparation courses. Download our course brochure.

What our students say about our translation courses

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Why learn to translate with us?

Teacher Expertise and Investment

We write and teach our own courses. This means we really care about making sure they help you achieve your goals. We specialise in Spanish-to-English and French-to-English translation, which means you’ll work with experts in these combinations. We love getting to know and supporting our students. Meet your teachers.

Much More Than Just a Proofread

Extremely detailed feedback on your translations is our hallmark. Your tutorial will be a personal consultation. We’ll adapt the texts you translate to suit your needs. With our competitors, you’ll get just a proofread or a few comments. With us, you’ll have a huge amount of varied feedback to help you make sure you learn a lot quickly and pass your exams.

Experience and New Friends

Through our study buddy system, we encourage current and past trainees to team up and do extra practice together. We offer packs and ongoing support for exam re-sitters. If opportunities come up to get experience, they go to our trainees. The best of our former trainees have gone on to work with us and we’ve recommended several of them for work within the industry. You’ll get to know other translators in our exclusive Facebook group. When you study with us, you’re never alone.

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Become a Confident Translator

Get the support you need to take your career to the next level. When you do our online translation courses, your confidence will soar as you really get to know your inner translator. You’ll be able to ask all the questions you want about working as a translator in your tutorials and our Facebook group. When it’s all over, you’ll feel much better prepared to work as a professional translator. And you’ll have our network to fall back on.


I really improved over the course and am a very different translator now. It made me think about my use of English and how to communicate meaning. I appreciated the personalised feedback. There isn’t a substitute for someone taking time to unpick your work and getting you to interrogate your reasoning.

Rose Jones, LinkedIn

I had limited experience of translation prior to completing the courses. I’m now able to translate with confidence, using a range of skills and resources. I know how to unpick difficult sections of text, to write the best translation possible. The feedback, online resources and tutorials are extremely thorough.

Victoria Lewin, LinkedIn.

The course gave me a solid foundation and methodology to follow in the translation industry. I was impressed that the feedback focused not only on areas for improvement, but also on my strengths. The course gives you a clearer picture of where you’re at, and a path to improvement.

Greg Ahlswede, LinkedIn.

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