DipTrans Exam Articles

DipTrans Online Exam, What to Expect

All about the DipTrans 2022 online exams in January and July. Latest news on the platform, the resources you can use and preparation tips.

15 DipTrans Preparation Essentials 2024

Preparing for the DipTrans? Check out this article by a past trainee on our DipTrans preparatory course to help you pass.

Diploma in Translation – CIOL DipTrans Exam Guide 2024

The DipTrans exam is the exam to obtain the diploma in translation from the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL). Read all about it here.

CIOL DipTrans Exam 2021 and Beyond

The CIOL DipTrans exam has undergone several changes since 2021. This is a summary for translators interested in the CIOL DipTrans exam.