Job Title Capitalisation According to Chicago

Job title capitalisation suricata

Written by Gwenydd Jones

Spanish-to-English translator and translator trainer

Test your knowledge of job title capitalisation with this quiz.


Which of the job titles are capitalised correctly? (according to The Chicago Manual of Style)

a)      Speakers included the prime minister of Canada and Justin Bieber.

b)     I wrote to communications officer Jane Sewell yesterday.

c)      Daniel Smith, architect.

d)     Please take a seat, prime minister.


Scroll down for the answers.

Suricata for job title capitalisation quiz


a)      Correct

b)     Incorrect

c)      Correct

d)     Incorrect

Chicago rules on capitalisation of job titles: capitalise when it comes immediately before the name, in a formal context or in direct address. Don’t capitalise if it comes after the person’s name, or if there is a the before it.

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