Are You an Expert on Phrasal Verbs?

Phrasal verb Suricata

Written by Lucy Williams

Spanish-to-English translator and translator trainer

How would you rate your knowledge of phrasal verbs? If you’re an English speaker, you’re probably fine with what they mean, but what about their grammar? Try your luck with our quiz to see if you’re a phrasal verb master!

Question 1

True or false? A phrasal verb is a two-word phrase with a verb and a preposition.

Question 2

Match the phrasal verbs to their type.

a) Feel up to it.

b) Pick up that book.

c) Get it back.

d) Come back.

1. Intransitive, inseparable and without an object.

2. Transitive, separable and with an object.

3. Transitive, separable and with an object.

4. Transitive, with two inseparable particles.

Scroll down for the answers.

Answers to the quiz on phrasal verbs

Q1. False. Phrasal verbs can use verb + preposition or verb + adverb. The adverb or preposition is sometimes called a particle.


a) Feel up to it – 4.

b) Pick up that book – 3.

c) Get it back – 2.

d) Come back – 1.

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