Quiz: shoe terminology translations (Spanish-English)

Suricata for shoe terminology translations

Written by Lucy Williams

Spanish-to-English translator and translator trainer

Ready to flex your fashion muscles and do some shoe terminology translations between Spanish and English? Check out our quiz.

Which of these terms is not part of a shoe?

 a) Topline

b) Vamp

c) Heel counter

d) Brim

e) Midsole

Match the Spanish to the English: empeine, ala, escote, entresuela, contrafuerte.

Scroll down for the answers.

The answer is d) brim. We usually talk about a brim on a hat, known as ala (f) in Spanish.

a) The topline is the top edge of the upper, known as escote (m) in Spanish.

b) The vamp is the front section of the upper, known as empeine (m) in Spanish.

c) A heel counter is a little plastic insert used to reinforce the heel cup of a shoe and increase support, known as contrafuerte (del talón) (m) in Spanish.

e) The midsole is a layer of material between the inner and outer soles of a shoe and acts like a shock absorber, known as entresuela (f) in Spanish.

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