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“I think it’s a great course to prepare for the DipTrans, but I also think it’s a brilliant option for anyone wanting to improve their translation skills in general.” Lucy Williams, pass and 2 merits in the 2015 DipTrans exam

Spanish-to-English Translator, hispalistranslations.com

What will you get out of this premium Spanish-to-English translation course?


Personal feedback

The most popular part of the course. I personally correct your translations and coach you on how to improve. Together, we get to know you better as a translator, and make sure you really learn.


With your training certificate and more specialist knowledge, it’ll be easier to get translation work. You’ll find support to get started in the secret Facebook group.


Our secret Facebook group gives you the chance network with other Spanish-to-English translators and ask questions, in private. Open only to translators who train with me.


Contact with me

With 2 one-to-one Skype sessions included, you’ll get the chance to ask me anything you want. I also provide ongoing support though the Facebook group.

Professional development

You’ll get the insight you need to be a successful Spanish-to-English translator. That includes developing your editing, proofreading and specialisations.


When it’s all over, you’ll be more confident about your translation skills. You’ll feel much better prepared to work as a Spanish-to-English translator. And you’ll have a network behind you.

“I found the Spanish-to-English translation course more than met my expectations. The feedback and comments from Gwen on each translation were meticulous and perceptive.

In some ways the course independently confirmed what I already suspected about my strengths, weaknesses, and the areas of translation I feel comfortable with, and this is useful in itself. But there were also things I had not been aware of, such as a tendency to edit the text, and spending too much time obsessing about individual terms.

 I would definitely recommend this course if you want to improve and polish your translation skills, whether or not this is for the exam. Probably the thing I most appreciated was that Gwen is genuinely interested in the art and process of translation for its own sake, not merely as a means to an end.” Josephine Gardiner, did course for continuing professional development, 2015

Spanish-to-English translator and editor, gardinertranslate.blogspot.com

So, to sum it all up, on the advanced Spanish-to-English translation course you get:

✓ 14 modules: 11 tutor-assessed, 3 self-assessed.

✓ Detailed module manuals.

✓ 11 translations with comprehensive feedback from me (DipTrans past papers).

✓ 11 translations for extra practice.

✓ Three self-assessed modules with exercises.

✓ Two thorough 30-minute Skype tutorials.

✓ Invite to our Secret Facebook Group.

✓ Course certificate.

✓ No deadlines while the course is running.

✓ 30-day money back guarantee, if you change your mind after Module 1.

How do I know if I have the level to do this Spanish-to-English translation course?

You can do a level test and get feedback from me, for free! Just contact me through this website and ask. I won’t advise you to take the course unless I think you have sufficient level to benefit from it. It would be really helpful if you could also tell me why you want to do the course (and include your CV). I’ll get back to you with some feedback and thoughts.

Advanced Spanish-to-English translation and DipTrans preparation course prices

The complete 14-module course is the best value. But, if you just want to dip your toe in the water, or get extra practice before the exam, you can do 3 past papers and a 30-minute Skype session. You get the same comprehensive feedback from me no matter which option you choose.

Full 14-module Spanish-to-English translation course


3 past papers (paper 1) + 30-min Skype

3 past papers (paper 2 or 3) + 30-min Skype

Certificate web secure

Money-back guarantee available on the 14-module Spanish-to-English translation course. If you complete Module 1, get your feedback and then decide you don’t want to continue, you have 30 days from when you signed up to get your money back. Just ask me.

Part-payment option for the full course: two part-payments of EUR 449 and EUR 420 (total for the part-payment option EUR 869). The second payment will fall due after you complete module 4.

Read my Terms and conditions

“Gwen’s feedback was always constructive and extremely thorough. The Skype session in particular really made a difference to my confidence before the exam and gave me the chance to go over my last-minute doubts. I felt she took her work very seriously and was professional yet approachable at all times. I would definitely recommend her to candidates of the IoLET exam.” Amy McGregor, 3 past papers, 2016

Spanish-to-English Translator

“I thought your feedback wonderful and very incisive.”

  Enda Scott, 3 past papers, 2015

English teacher, Director of Studies, and Spanish-to-English Translator, English Language Institute, Seville

I would definitely recommend this course, Gwen is a fantastic tutor and is able to draw out the best from you as a translator and pinpoint specific areas where you can improve. Stephanie Blake, premium course, 2015

Freelance Spanish-to-English Translator

Certificate web secure

Lucy Williams

Certificate web secure

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