Want to work from home as a Spanish-to-English translator?

Detailed feedback and personal support is how we make sure our Spanish-to-English translation courses help you become a successful translator.

Courses That Help You Achieve Your  Goals

Translator who works from home enjoying a moment with his daughter.

Work from home.


Translator celebrating because she has passed the CIOL DipTrans exam thanks to our DipTrans preparatory course.

Pass the CIOL DipTrans exam.


Translator who is pleased to have agreed high rates.

Command better rates.

Translator chatting online with people she has met through our Spanish-to-English translation courses.

Build your network.

A translator who is more confident as a result of doing our Spanish-to-English translation courses.

You as a confident translator

Get the support you need to take your career to the next level.

When you do our Spanish-to-English translation courses, your confidence will soar as you really get to know your inner translator. When it’s all over, you’ll feel much better prepared to work as a Spanish-to-English translator. And you’ll have a network behind you.

High-quality teaching

Learn from a top freelance Spanish-to-English translator.

With Gwenydd Jones as your personal tutor, comprehensive feedback, masses of content on an online platform and a private Facebook group for networking, you’ll only be sorry when the course comes to an end.

A cartoon drawing of a translator with a magnifying glass to signify that she is seeking quality in her Spanish-to-English translation course.

“I benefited greatly from working with someone with more experience and who really knows the industry.

“The advanced course is extremely well planned and is full of useful tips for preparing for the daunting DipTrans exam. I would highly recommend this course both to those wishing to perfect their ES>EN translation skills in general and those planning to sit the exam.”

Photograph of Jean Duggan, a freelance Spanish-to-English translator who trained with us on our DipTrans preparatory course.
Jean Duggan, Freelance translator, Spanish and Catalan to English
A freelance translator enjoying his work after completing our Spanish-to-English translation courses.

Get the skills to pay the bills

Develop your professional translation, editing and proofreading skills.

Whether you’re seeking CPD or DipTrans exam success, by improving your skills, you’ll become more employable. And in case you’re wondering, our Spanish-to-English translation courses are also popular among American translators with their sights set on the ATA exam.

Experience and new friends

Get extra translation practice and make friends along the way.

Through our study-buddy system, we encourage current and past trainees to team up and do extra practice together. We offer packs and ongoing support for exam re-sitters. If opportunities come up to get experience, they go to our trainees. The best of our former trainees have gone on to collaborate with us and we’ve recommended several of them for work within the industry.

A cartoon drawing of two translators talking about our DipTrans preparatory course.

Our Courses


A cartoon drawing of a translator who has completed our Advanced Spanish-to-English Translation Course with DipTrans Preparation.

Advanced Spanish-to-English Translation Course with DipTrans Preparation

The goal for professional translators.


A cartoon drawing of a translator who is learning on our Professional Spanish-to-English Translation Conversion Course.

Professional Spanish-to-English Translation Conversion Course

Friendly conversion course for the budding and the rusty.

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