5 Mistakes to Avoid When You Sell a Professional Translation Service Online

Last updated Jan 22, 2024
By Gwenydd Jones

Freelance translators who sell a professional translation service online can experience problems. Inspired by Lucy’s recent article for translation buyers, this post looks mistakes for translators to avoid.

In “Five Mistakes to Avoid when you Buy Professional Translation Services Online“, Lucy gave useful pointers for translation buyers. But professional translators who sell their services online have a bigger responsibility. We know that a first-time buyer will be unsure about how to get the best possible translation. This means we have an ethical obligation to do all we can to make sure they know what they’re buying.

Here are five mistakes to avoid when you sell a professional translation service online.

MISTAKE 1. Not offering a professional translation service

Lucy gave a list of things for customers to look for, to help them identify a professional translator. Translators who are the real deal should be offering these things. 

Her list includes being a member of a professional association. An online presence that is well maintained, and consistent across the board. Applying ethical quality processes, like the translator writing and proofreading only in their native language. Being qualified to produce a professional translation. 

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MISTAKE 2. Not asking the customer for enough information

It’s worth trying to get more information and context if you feel you need it. Most customers are happy to give you the information you request. But they may not know you need it unless you tell them.

MISTAKE 3. Accepting any format at the price you charge for Word

 You want your professional translation service online to be sustainable. So, it’s important to charge for formats that take you longer. If you need help with pricing different formats, check out my article “Translator Survival Guide to Profitable PDF Pricing“.

MISTAKE 4. Letting the customer be disorganised

Sometimes customers will ask to make changes to their text after you’ve started translating. Changes and additions represent extra time for you. Make sure you confirm that they have given you the final text. Include in your terms and conditions that changes will incur an extra charge.

MISTAKE 5. Accepting texts on specialist areas you know nothing about

If you’re selling a professional translation service, then it’s best not to do this. You and the client will both end up regretting it.

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Lucy closed her article by cautioning clients about the online jungle. So, now it’s my turn. To maintain your professional translation service online, check out the potential client. Google the company and look for reviews about it. This way, you can judge whether it’s an ethical business and going concern. Agree payment terms upfront. Never offer rock-bottom rates.

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Written by Gwenydd Jones

Gwenydd Jones is a Spanish- and French-to-English translator, an SEO blogger and a course creator. She is the founder of The Translator's Studio and the lead teacher on its courses. Connect with Gwenydd on LinkedIn or contact her through this website.

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